One morning, I was rudely awakened by a slap in the face. Still groggy from sleep, I wasn't sure exactly what happened. Then, just as suddenly, I was slapped again. This was pissing me off. The only person who could possibly be slapping me was my Dad, and even that was close to the furthest thing from my mind. In an attempt to block any further assaults, I started to get up.

Wham! I got punched right in the face, just under my eye. "What the FUCK?!" I shouted. Now fully awake, I jumped up, looked around... and realized no one was in the room. A quick check of my faculties revealed the truth. Both my arms were completely dead - the circulation cut off passed the point of pins and needles. I had fallen asleep with my arms under my pillow, and my brain apparently sent the 'punch yourself in the face' signal to my arms. But since I couldn't feel my arms, I thought it was someone else.

After about fifteen minutes my arms returned to normal, but I was left with a nice bruise on my face. I told anyone who asked that I got hit with a basketball.

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