A February morning in 1998, seems insignificant, just a February morning. A mile from her home in Oxfordshire, having just passed her driving test, 19 year old Sophie Large was hit by a lorry and died instantly. Sophie's story could have ended here but that night one of her brothers Oliver went into her room. He discovered pieces of writing and poetry by her that would ensure no-one ever forgot her.

Sophie had always been good at English but her talent had never been fully realised. She mainly wrote about her school days, the highs and the lows. The writings often showed how she felt about the world and life. One of her best pieces of writing was

In an attempt to escape reality
I put on the sunglasses,
Because my eyes were dazzled by life.
I grew used to their comforting dimness
And it was only when, many years later,
I remembered I was wearing them,
And found the courage to take them off,
That I realised what I had missed.

She wrote this when she was just fifteen years old.

Straight after the accident that had caused her death her parents set up a memorial fund called Sophie's Silver Lining Fund. The aim of this charity is to help young people with their singing and acting; something Sophie had always wanted to do.

Shortly after that it was suggested Sophie's words were published but her parents were apprehensive, however they published her work and Sophie's Log has been produced to raise money for the Silver Lining Fund.

http://www.silverlining.org.uk/index.html (NB Not a cut-and-paste job)

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