We interrupt our usual miasma of irony, sass, allusion, and misdirection for a brief but brutal series of cold hard facts.

Fact 1. The Punch Thyself is a noder collective consisting of, though not necessarily limited to, misuba, Ouroboros, cipher, and conform. This is a fact.

Fact 2. The Punch Thyself is a semiautonomous collective loosely affiliated with the Everything2.com website. We cannot live in a vaccuum. Nor would we choose to. This is a fact.

Fact 3. The Punch Thyself offer to the world an essentialist agenda which exceeds in sum and collection the very bounds of the written word. For this reason, no attempt to taxonomize our aims could ever be a complete representation, and so we abstain. This is a fact.

Fact 4. The Punch Thyself has and will continue to expose facets of the heretofore unseen collective will towards semiconciousness through a variety of modes too numerous to list here. The rest of this document concerns such expressions presented in the modality of 20th century Western rock music. This is a fact.

Fact 5. The Punch Thyself, in conjunction with the Everything2.com "gathering" Just a NoCal Noder Party, have developed several "original" compositions. This is a fact.

Fact 6. The Punch Thyself will present the aforementioned "original" compositions via a "live band" at the event. This is a fact.

Fact 7. The Punch Thyself have designated one of the compositions the "party theme song" and have made said song available in a limited period of release which has now expired. This is a fact.

Fact 8. The above facts are a fabrication. This is a fact.

Behind the Music: The Punch Thyself



"party theme song" was a hedonistic anthem, and it ultimately led to a night of Sodom. Behind the Music presents a morality tale for our times, in which the lessons learned are mighty indeed.



The Punch Thyself formed in the early months of 2002 when a group of like-minded essayists from Northern California came together to put forth ideas about art and music heretofore only dreamed in European tour busses in the red light districts of gray cities populated by dwarf pimps and their scooty women when the sun has gone down and the sweet children have said their prayers and retired to their beds.


Misuba – “the cute one” Drums/Vocals. “In the grim future, there is only my mother
Conform – “the funny one” Guitar/Vocals. “do you mind? I'm only trying to tune here
Ouroboros – “the smart one” Keyboards. “Is now a good time for me to change?
Cipher – “the shy one” Bass/Vocals. “this song is in a language.


Shortly after the release of their first single “Everything is an Effigy”, the first crack appeared in the stained glass window that was the church of The Punch Thyself.


“we are at the mixing studio, and conform is laying down vocal tracks, he gets done with one take, and asks "anyone have any problems with that?" so I step into the booth and give a couple of notes. I come out and shut the booth door and mike asks me "what did you say to him?" and I says I says "we were conspiring to kick you out of the band"



As misuba licked his wounds at the altar of despair, the rest of the bandmates had a powwow and agreed to let him stay – on the condition that he open his mother's home to a festival featuring Sonic Youth and a reorganized Jane’s Addiction with The Punch Thyself headlining. He agreed, though the other bands never responded to his invitations.

Honoring indie rock anti heroes of the past, borrowing tight harmonies of the Beach BoysPet Sounds and outright stealing their instruments, they set out on their first tour in April, 2002. Armed with a strong set including you just haven't earned it yet, baby and glass tango, the band soon tasted the sweet sweet wine of popularity. But their biggest hit was just peaking over the horizon of the billboard charts:

THE BAND PERFORMS “Everything is an Effigy

Driving north along the I-5 corridor
Mix tapes; and where the hell is Perdedor?
Know that in time, we will arrive
To the beginning of what must be the end.

"Welcome to Oakland" says the Wurm
As he swallows his own tail
Everything is an effigy
The whole world is on fire

It's too late, but soon we will enter
Executive Washrooms with opulent splendor
Igloowhite, come stay the night --
We won't get sick, we'll all be fine;
Have you read my awesome mind?

Act now and join your clique!
Jump in the Catbox, pitch a fit!
Throw another daylog on the pyre...
Our agenda's your desire

Hot debate fills the corners of the party --
"His writing's good, but her poems are too arty."
"Are we really so unfriendly to New Order,
And did he ever start that band?"

"Welcome to Oakland" says the Wurm
As he swallows his own tail
Everything is an effigy
The whole world is on fire

From now on, I can bring my stick in the house -- From now on, I can poke my stick at the wall.

Shortly after their first gig at Mike’s Mom’s Basement, alcohol, arson, and infighting threatened to destroy the bond at its core.


after we got Templeton's luggage from Misuba's car, I called out to Conform and Cipher, "so are we practicing this week?" and Conform broke it to me, they had been conspiring to kick me out of the band.


After over 60 downloads and only one gig the punch thyself were no more. There have been rumors of a reunion tour, but the chances of that are best summed up in the words of Cipher: “yeah that was pretty fun.

Yes it was.

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