We interrupt our usual miasma of irony, sass, allusion, and misdirection for a brief but brutal series of cold hard facts.

Fact 1. The Punch Thyself is a noder collective consisting of, though not necessarily limited to, misuba, Ouroboros, cipher, and conform. This is a fact.

Fact 2. The Punch Thyself is a semiautonomous collective loosely affiliated with the Everything2.com website. We cannot live in a vaccuum. Nor would we choose to. This is a fact.

Fact 3. The Punch Thyself offer to the world an essentialist agenda which exceeds in sum and collection the very bounds of the written word. For this reason, no attempt to taxonomize our aims could ever be a complete representation, and so we abstain. This is a fact.

Fact 4. The Punch Thyself has and will continue to expose facets of the heretofore unseen collective will towards semiconciousness through a variety of modes too numerous to list here. The rest of this document concerns such expressions presented in the modality of 20th century Western rock music. This is a fact.

Fact 5. The Punch Thyself, in conjunction with the Everything2.com "gathering" Just a NoCal Noder Party, have developed several "original" compositions. This is a fact.

Fact 6. The Punch Thyself will present the aforementioned "original" compositions via a "live band" at the event. This is a fact.

Fact 7. The Punch Thyself have designated one of the compositions the "party theme song" and have made said song available in a limited period of release which has now expired. This is a fact.

Fact 8. The above facts are a fabrication. This is a fact.