There is something missing from my bathroom.
It is a bath.
How strange to name a room after something it doesn't even contain.
I cannot lie submerged in hot water and let it soak into me
While the day's poisons osmose out through my skin.
I wish to lie restful among the cushioning bubbles
While they sing around my ears.

The sound of a crackling log campfire
Or of a night spent under a tent in the rain.
With you.
All night we would hold each other close for warmth
You sleeping peacefully
While I dream to myself
And smell the scent of shampoo in your hair.

Tomorrow I will watch you and laugh
As you rinse your underwear in the river and put it back on again
You turn to me and smile
Knowing we are alone together in this great and beautiful expanse.
The trees smell and the river gurgles just for us.

We pack our things into the canoe
But we wait a while before moving on
Trying to make every moment last forever.

We float downstream gently - the river is kind to us today.
It wants to watch us talk together in the boat.
Serene and quiet. We whisper for fear of waking up the forest.

Soon we come to a waterfall.
We beach the canoe and put it up on our shoulders.
And as we walk, we talk.
We could talk forever, you and I.

We come to the base of the fall and pause for breath, set down the canoe.
You take my hand and we walk under the cascading water.
Sitting on a rock we hold each other.
And the water drenches us to the skin.
We both grudgingly realise that soon it will be over.

I open my eyes and see the shower cubicle around me.
I step out and begin to dry myself with a towel,
Damp and unsatisfying.

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