Ok so you have to piss, you go to the bathroom walk up to the urinal and at your feet is a ring of splatter. Gross! you have to stand in splattered urine. Then as you are urinating your piss splatters off the back of the urinal and gets on your pants and sneakers. What's the deal?

Lets consider the shape of the urinal and your position in front of it. A top down view looks something like this:
               UUUUUU  |   UUUUUU       
               UUU  \  |  /   UUU
               U     \ | /      U
As you can see o matter what direction you aim the stream always hits the urinal at a 90 degree angle producing maximum splater. Think spoon under the faucet.

Why, Oh Why did anyone design the urinal this way. There are an infinite number of ways to make the urinal so that it does not produce splatter. The current urinal design is the only one in which you always produce maximum splatter.

I have a dream, that one day men may urinate without fear of splatter. That one day splatter will no longer rule the world. We must join together and fight the tyranny of the splatter. Join hands my brothers (but only if you've washed) and tell the world, no more. No more will our pants smell of urine. No more will we tread on others piss. It is time for a change my brothers and the change starts here!

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