If you're going to switch the restroom door signs, make sure you have a reasonable way of putting them back the way they were. The best kinds are the ones that detach/re-attach easily. We don't want to damage the building, we just want to have a little fun.

The best results come from restrooms that are very close together. Simply take the 'Men' and 'Women' signs down, and reverse their doors. This is fun for several reasons:

  1. They'll continue using the restroom they've been using, only to see someone from the opposite gender there. Surprise!
  2. They'll start to open the door, see the opposing gender sign, and have a split second of thoughts along the line of "Holy shit, I've been using the women's/men's restroom all this time?!" Surprise!
  3. They'll follow the signs, and enter the wrong room to the greeting of either "SCREAM!" *SMACK* or "Hey babe, this stall is available - and so am I." *WINK* Surprise!

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