A symbol of the perceived interchangability and insignificance of workers by higher-ups. Bestows the illusion of a quiet space and privacy, but not the reality due to the lack of anything resembling a ceiling or door. Also supposedly a means of keeping workers from chatting with each other, but this is usually circumvented via e-mail.

(I wouldn't be caught dead in one of the things. Could you tell?)


The Cubicle is the building block of the Cubicle Jungle. A cubicle is inhabited by a lone individual, usually a Cubicle Dweller, but can be any one of the Cubicle Population.

It also houses various Cubicle Gear, and other material to assist, or comfort the Cubicle Dweller.

Cubicles are the main warehousing unit of Cubicle Gear.

Cubicles are interconnected both in the physical and virtual realm.
Physically, they are interlocked together. Cells, a part of the larger whole. Co-Workers are only a wall away.
Virtually, the cubicles reside on a computer network, so each computer connects to each other computer, and the Cubicle Dwellers can communicate with one another, which can lead to Cubicle War.

The Cubicle is also a piece of property, a territory of influence. Nine Cubicles make up a Cubicle Node and every Cubicle Node has a Cubicle Warlord who is the the "Strongest", and thus "owns" the rights of the Cubicles in his/her vicinity.

    (If you do your math, you will realize that some Cubicles might not have a Cubicle Warlord, and some might have more then one.)

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Cu"bi*cle (k?"b?-k'l), n. [L. cubiculum.]

A loding room; esp., a sleeping place partitioned off from a large dormitory.


© Webster 1913.

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