"Silently stalking the slender hallways between fabric-lined walls of a mere five feet in height, the engineer moved, a Nerf Wildfire tucked tightly under his left arm. Slowly he spots his quary, he signals the others, six others move like snakes through the maze-like structure. Everyone is in position when the signal goes off. At 2:11 PM exactly while the marketing department was returning from it's weekly "power lunch", the Engineers struck back. The rapid clack-clack as the Nerf guns released thier hail of red and yellow death, the spinning rings from the Koosh Vortex snipers and the soft *spwish* as koosh balls landed on unprotected heads. Marketing, taken by suprise and lulled by the heave pasta from the italian resturaunt down the street didn't stand a chance."

The Cubicle Terrorist is usually a member of Engineering or some other such technical group (sysadmins, programmers, techies in general) and has had enough of the crap delivered to them by other departments (how many times can you explain "what you do here" to everyone you meet), so they strike back in symbolic ways through the use of children's toys...

well I do at least.

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