“Coffee Culture” is a loose-knit group of people that inhabit cafés. Starting in the 50s with the beatniks, people have been gathering in coffee shops to discus all sorts of things from foreign affairs to politics, law to poetry and everything in between.

Coffee culture has grown from beret sporting hipster existentialists into a broad spectrum of people, a veritable plethora of cultural diversity; if you will. Now you generally find a cross section of “hippies”, “ravers”, “punks”, homeless kids, college students, chess players and even some older folks looking for something more socially stimulating than being plastered to 40 feet of polished wood beside four or five reflexively impaired, manic depressive, alcoholic, bar flies.

Some have considered Coffee Culture a small revival of the age of philosophy. Granted, many patrons of coffee shops are morons beyond redemption. But the over-all average I.Q. is generally a tad higher than normal. ;)

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