Yuppified coffee bar located throughout the NorthEast. Differs from Starbucks in that they allow smoking, and serve alcohol. The mood is more colloquial, and the music is more contemporary.

Has been recently merged with Cosi Sandwich bar. Effect: Xando now disallows smoking, smaller seating capacity (due to installation of gas ovens), salt/pepper shakers on tables, partitions removed. End result: it's another mcdonalds that serves coffee and crappy sandwiches for the yuppies.

You might notice that the signs at older locations look more like this:

In fact, the original name for Xando was intended to be "XandO" (as in XOXOXO), and only a stroke of luck (and graphic design) saved them from kitsch-hell.

I'd much rather go to a coffe bar that reminded me of Xanadu than one that reminded me of middle school.

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