Bryn Mawr College is a rare thing nowadays, a women's college with an absolutely grueling standard of education.
1300 or so students, heavily liberal, steeped in traditions, large lesbian, vegetarian, and ecological populations, basically a women's Ivy league college. Two things: If you're thinking it's a paradise for frat boys, you're barking up the wrong tree. And Bryn Mawr women have the solidarity of marines.

Bryn Mawr women, or as they are affectionatly reffered to by those they know and love as Mawrtyrs, has a Quaker background, along with the other members of it's tri-college community Haverford and Swarthmore. Bryn Mawr is very close with Haverford, to the point where it is extremely common for students from either college to take a class at the other. There is a bus that runs between the two colleges in the bi-co as it is reffered to by students and faculty of both colleges, approximately every half-hour during the school day and about every hour up until midnight or so on weeknights. This is reffered to as the Blue Bus as it is a bus and it is blue.

Mawrtyrs have many odd customs and traditions including: a May Day ceremony including a May Pole, lots of women in white dresses, and live entertainment.

It is universally accepted that Mawrtyrs are a little off from the norm -- depending on who you talk to this can be excellent or a bit of scary. You make the call. Visit Bryn Mawr.

You will find it in Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania, just a hop skip and a jump from Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love. It is located in the Main Line, a collection of some of the more affluent suburbs of Philadelphia. The name Bryn Mawr is Welsh, as are most of the other names of the towns on the Main Line.

The original Brynmawr is a town situated in Brecknockshire in Wales, UK. Like most Welsh place-names it is very descriptive: Bryn means hill and Mawr means large.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Bryn Mawr on two seperate occasions, and I found them all quite friendly and attractive. Did I mention friendly?

We toured Philidelphia, at least the portion of it that was within walking distance of the train station, with a few representatives of that school the last time I was there, and we went into some store. It looked from the front like one of those trendy Gadzooks, Spencers-type places. Then we went to the back of the store.

Aisle upon aisle of dildos

I guess I should've expected it in a store close to an all-women's school, but that's just something that you don't come away from un-traumatized. It's like some macabre trophy room, where instead of the heads of fierce animals on the wall, they have giant, veiny penises.



College Women

But I kid the Mawrtyrs. I could say the same thing about the girls at nearby Swarthmore college. When we performed there last year, somebody threw a bra on stage. If there's anything you can do to boost the confidence of a bunch of guys singing on stage, THAT is it.

Anyway, the group who has hosted us, the Night Owls, has always been really kind and very hospitable. They always throw a good party, too. If you go, I'm sure you'll have a good time. Just don't forget your dildo.

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