The Nerf Wildfire is the weapon of choice for any office badass. With an enormous 20 minidart capacity, air-powered semi- or fully-automatic firing, dead on accuracy, 40-foot effective range, and ye gods, even a shoulder strap, the Wildfire is capable of raining an arsenal of fiery destruction on any target.

Do your coworkers occasionally sneak up and pelt you with Nerf darts? No more! With the Nerf Wildfire at your side, your coworker's meager whistling dart will be answered with a return volley of flaming high-velocity suction-cup-tipped Nerf DEATH.

Yes, my friend, with the aid of the Nerf Wildfire, you too can be a stupendous badass. And for only a little extra cash, you can have a Nerf Wildfire on each arm! That's TWO demonic harbingers of doom, 40 minidarts, and by God, a force to be reckoned with!

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