Some other day, a friend of mine was carrying me in her car, and she put I Heard It Through the Grapevine. I immediately picked the beat and started humming to it. Then I realized she had told me some days before that she was breaking up with her long time boyfriend. I didn't pay attention to that at that time, but a few days after that, she gave me another lift and, then again I Heard It Through the Grapevine.

She also told me about her breaking up in her car (she just dropped it, and I only managed to say something like oh!).

I've always felt uncomfortable putting music to other people, more so if it's something they could mistake for a message (even if I meant it). But a women doing that is very dangerous. I mean, the supposed subtlety (yeah, that's correct, according to Webster 1913, but I had to check it) in women is often the source of problems; not only like this, but also the opposite, that is, they look for deeper meanings of everything and often end up with the opposite idea of what was being said.

So, do you want to say something with that song?, I should have said, but I didn't say it.

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