We had the windows down, volume up. Three of us crammed into the front seat, driving down the highway to Jerusalem. Avi's body was squished between mine and her boyfriend Dave's as he drove, and they were in fine form that day. Easy with each other, or at least, pretending.

'I'm not in love, set me free; let me out this misery...'

All of us off-key, at the top of our lungs, singing the wrong verses.*

The wind, the sun, the sky. All the cliches, happy boys and girls who like each other, all well in the world.

Damn, I miss her.

I cry silently, confounded by the restrictions of time and space. Confounded, like her, by invisible currents that pulled Dave away 2 days later, leaving us behind on dry land, stupefied.

*Ahem. The song is actually I'm Outta Love, not I'm Not In Love, as we'd thought.

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