This is a song by Ween, from the album Chocolate and Cheese.

One of Ween's more popular songs, due to repeated air-play on MTV. The lead vocal is masked with a distorting device, but not so much so that it sounds remarkably different; it is just enough distortion to make it interesting. Bongo drums and a kick-ass guitar lead permeate this song and make non-dancers want to dance.

Voodoo Lady
Shakin' that stick and drivin' me crazy
Your eyes look red and hazy
Doin' that stuff that you do
Messin' me up with your voodoo

There's lots of boogie-oogie-ing to this very charismatic song; the band really hit it with this one. As a result, it was the feature song for the album, and received a video. Most of the video was filmed in negative color or underwater while Gene lip-synched to the lyrics, pretending to wake up on the couch underwater among other things. A burning candle is featured prominently, as is an unknown woman feeding a banana to both boys in negative color. A strange departure comes when Dean (the guitarist) appears in a tuxedo at the top of a building in an urban area, and throws himself off the building in slow motion with his poofy hair flying.

An awesome guitar solo is included, and the percussion is really something else. It must be heard to be properly appreciated . . . but that's obvious.

This song is © 1994 by Ween, Elektra Records (Cassette)

Chocolate and Cheese
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