Progress Quest is the most significant advance in RPGs since the invention of the MUD. It introduces the concept of the "fire and forget" RPG, a style of gameplay which allows the user to experience the full range of character advancement and development, without the more tedious elements typically associated with it.

Progress Quest is freeware and can be downloaded from

Progress Quest Races

Progress Quest Classes

Progress Quest Keyboard Quick Reference

| Key    | Description         |
| Alt-F4 | Exit Progress Quest |

Praise for Progress Quest

"A superb cross breed of the physical with the spiritual, at once Zen and Canadian Socialist, pure yet full of thick goopy mud. Simply - rife with fecundity. Amazing."

"Finally, a game that streamlines all the tedium of online RPGs into something we can all appreciate: progression. Simply an awesome game."

"dude! i totally quit playing setiathome, and started playing progressquest!"

An intriguing concept in MMORPG's, whereby the obesity and largesse of other games such as Asheron's Call, EverQuest, Ultima Online and Dark Ages of Camelot is trimmed to the bare essential.

No interaction whatsoever.

You simply let the game run on its own and do everything for you. All you do is choose is the name, race, and class of your character, and then roll for your statistics.

Once you begin, you are sent out into the Killing Fields, where you execute countless diabolical monsters. When your backpack is full of phat lewt, you return to town where you proceed to haggle with the merchant about the purchase price for a +3 Pronged Bandyclef.

You are also sent out on innumerable quests to seek out strange and mysterious items such as the Filigreed Scabbard, the Proverbial Talisman and the Cruciate Arrow. Did I mention you get very powerful spells too?

The wonder that is ProgressQuest is available at Wow... And as was pointed out by TallRoo, you never die!!! No corpse runs ever again!!!
Progress Quest is an end in and of itself. It is not only a game, but also a way of life, or simply a philosophy. More simply, it can be regarded as a parody of games such as Everquest ("Hi, my name is Trevoke and I have a problem.")
You can play single player and create a character, but the real value of the game is revealed if you create a multiplayer character.
At the time of this write-up, there are not one, not two, but FOUR realms in existence.
Knoram, currently closed.
Expodrine, open, but for how long?
Spoltog, open, and
Oobag, the last born, the baby.
When you create a multiplayer character, you can watch him compete on the Hall of Fame with other characters.
There are also several more keyboard shortcuts that one needs to be aware of :
Ctrl+B = Brag. Open a new browser window and load up the Hall of Fame, targeting your character so you can see how far up in the ranks he is. Word in the Toe Sushi Bar is that Grumdrig dislikes braggers and you may lose reputation if you brag.
Ctrl+M = Motto. You can write a short sentence, which may be anything, describing your character's favorite sentence, or what happened to your dog.
Ctrl+G = Guild. This is only available for Spoltog and Oobag, and lets you join a guild. There are more details on the Progress Quest website.
If you understand the concept, and if you like it, you can browse the message board ( and meet other people who have been filtered out by the game.
If you do join, you may be let in on secrets such as the emplacement of the Ultimate FAQ, or where to get a Gold-DVD version of the game.
Don't forget to give praises to the creator of the game, Grumdrig!

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