A surrealist, modified database, intended to turn your data into art and vice versa. Also, any art form that uses dysfunctional or obsolete computer technology, from printouts to electronics as part of an art object.

The name of a juried, ongoing art installation at the grundoon palace of fine arts. If you are both an artist and a computer geek, you are allowed to sumbit slides of your work for jurying in April, July and November. Shows run in May, August and December. Please submit no more than 5 slides per show to
grundoon attn: dadabase show
733B Liggett Avenue
San Francisco, CA, 94129

Please include an artist's statement proving that you are both an artist and a geek. If your work is accepted, it will be in the installation for one month. All slides will be returned. Artwork sent without prior jurying will NOT be returned without whopping postal contributions.

Prizes are completely arbitrary and at the discretion of the jury.

The jury is made up of:
grundoon: MLA, 2002, University of Oregon; MS Historic Preservation, 2002, U of O; BLA, 1999, U of O, BA Anthropology, 1985, University of Washington. (printmaking, watercolor, bad poetry, ARCView GIS, music, dance)
Awaken: MS, (creative writing, multimedia).
Soprano: M.Arch, 1998, University of Oregon (music, dance, AutoCAD)
Cgrrrrr: JD, University of Chicago. (telephone art, legal consultant)
Lulu: 3-1/2, Child Development Center. (collages, crayon, marker on walls, creativity consultant)

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