Well, it is my sad duty to node that The Toadies are no more, having disbanded in August of 2001. Bassist Lisa Umbarger decided to leave the band to pursue other opportunities, mostly for reasons still unknown, at which point the remaining members chose to call it quits as well. Todd had this to say:

"She’s given a lot of reasons, but I haven’t been able to make a whole lot of sense out of it. You’d probably have to talk to her to figure it out, if you possibly could figure it out. She’s going through a lot of life changes...I don’t know how long she’d been thinking about it. You know, who knows? She’s decided she wants to have a real job and do boring, real-people stuff."

After playing a few farewell shows in Texas during September with a replacement bassist (Mark Hughes of Baboon), The Toadies will be no more. Todd and Mark plan to continue making music, possibly forming another band, and Clark plans to attend film school.

The Toadies leave behind only two full length albums: Rubberneck released in 1994, and Hell Below/Stars Above released in 2001. The band actually completed another LP between the two releases, which was to be titled Feeler, but being unsatisfied with the final project chose not to release it. Some of the songs from Feeler made their way onto HB/SA in altered forms, but most remain unreleased and unheard by most fans. (However, careful searching with the Napster-clone of your choice will turn up most of them)

There are also 4 Eps available, though they can be hard to find, even by special order. In order of release, they are: Slaphead, Dig A Hole, Velvet, and Pleather. The Toadies also had many songs on various soundtracks (The Cable Guy, Crow 2, Escape From LA, and others) and compilations.

I wish all the members of the group the best in their future pursuits, and I maintain hope that maybe somewhere down the road they can regroup to continue making great music.

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