When driving on the highway, to slow down and look at the car crash on the side of the road. Highly discouraged, because it means that the person in back of you has to slow down - and then the person in back of them, etc... And, because everybody will slow down a little bit more than you did at the beginning, you soon have a terrible traffic jam behind you. What's so interesting about a car crash, anyway?

It is said that the term originated in rodeo, where steer wrestlers would encounter a steer whose neck could bend at absurd angles. This made wrestling the steer to the ground a lot more difficult, because bending the neck was important in getting it down. The cowboy might not be able to complete the maneuver in the alloted time. The excuse would be that the steer had a "rubber neck." It was not meant kindly. These days the term generally means to look about in unsophisticated curiosity.

1994 album by the Toadies. If you remember the song Possum Kingdom, it was their one hit wonder, and it was one of the songs from this album, their only album that I know of. Its sound is typical rock, as is the setup: lead vocals and guitar (Todd Lewis), bass (Lisa Umbarger), drums (Mark Rezinicek), and another guitar (Darrel Herbert). Todd's growling voice as he weeds through the songs reminds me that I am not yet completely a docile bovine, that I have issues and rightful anger, that I am struggling with life in much the same way he is singing about. What follows is the song list, on most of which I will be noding separate write ups so that this isn't just another "shameless lyrics" string of nodes that people, including myself, have complained about.

Mexican Hairless (instrumental)
Mister Love
Possum Kingdom
I Come From The Water
I Burn

Disclaimer: Since this album is not blessed with a lyric sheet for the songs, my rendition may be less than true to what's really there. I'm writing them based on the songs themselves, so I apologize in advance if I am at times, off by a few words.

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