A great theater/live music venue on the west side of Ft Worth, Texas. On a good month, you can expect performances ranging from a monthly spoken word/poetry show, Bo Diddley, Cary Pierce, Flametrick Subs, stand-up comedy, Toadies (when they were together), Modest Mouse, Stereolab and a performance or two of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Physical Structure itself is a somewhat handsome art deco-ish building built in the late 1940's. Originally, the theater was one of the old-fashioned movie houses, with one large screen to be viewed from the floor or from the large balcony one level up. Inside, there is a very large mural covering three walls depicting the landings of Blackbeard and Hernando Cortez, which is slightly odd, seeing as how neither of them ever came within even 500 miles of Fort Worth.

Facing the entrance is the mezzanine, home to a bar/lounge where smaller performances take place. From the mezzanine, you can enter the movie theater, where the occasional local/independent film is screened. Downstairs and down a hallway is the main stage, where there are a few billiards tables, a bar, and plenty of theater-style seating if you don’t feel like standing up in front of the stage.

By far, this is my favorite music venue in the Metroplex, the main hall is large enough to attract larger acts, but plenty of local and lesser-known artists play here as well. The feeling at most performances is somewhat intimate, and the entire building its consistently air conditioned, two major advantages over many of the hell-holes that pass for clubs in semi-nearby Deep Ellum.

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