There is a large mural on the wall in my backyard. It a surfer's dream, a huge glassy barrel of a wave crashing down on the beach, sea gulls in the air and a palm tree next to the shed. Behind the wall is a major road and if I sit long enough and stare at the painting, the sounds of the cars driving past sound like the ocean and the wave comes to life.

I love my new backyard...

Mu"ral (?), a. [F., fr. L. muralis, fr. murus wall. See Mure a wall.]


Of or pertaining to a wall; being on, or in, a wall; growing on, or against, a wall; as, a mural quadrant.

"Mural breach." Milton. "Mural fruit." Evelyn.


Resembling a wall; perpendicular or steep; as, a mural precipice.

Mural circle Astron., a graduated circle, in the plane of the meridian, attached permanently to a perpendicular wall; -- used for measuring arcs of the meridian. See Circle, n., 3. -- Mural crown Rom. Antiq., a golden crown, or circle of gold indented so as to resemble a battlement, bestowed on him who first mounted the wall of a besieged place, and there lodged a standard.


© Webster 1913.

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