The present hometown of e2 "genius?" mikemoto. Although it is often looked down upon by the city slickers who live 30 miles to the east in Dallas, Fort Worth has a number of advantages to Big D, including a much nicer zoo, the Stockyards Historic District, and a number of museums near Camp Bowie (pronounced Boo-E not like David Bowie) Boulevard. Also, the home of the Van Cliburn classical piano competition which is going on at the present time. And while on the subject of music, the quintessential one hit wonder band Bloodrock "remember DOA" hailed from here.

Also home to TCU and TWU. Fort Worth is also the birthplace of Western Swing music and the spawning ground of milspec. Lockheed Martin's F-16 fighter plane plant is also located in Fort Worth. There are several other large defense contractors in the area.

JFK spent his last night on earth at the Texas Hotel in Fort Worth.

Miller Beer has a large brewery in south Fort Worth. Pearl and Pearl Light beer are now made there instead of in San Antonio.

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