The word which dannye affectionately (and frequently) uses in substitution for the word "Chatterbox". This is probably due to the vast quantity of--what could metaphorically be described as--shit that flies through that bad-boy moment to moment.

For the pet-stupid, this is also the little plastic tray, generally filled with odor absorbant clay bits or silt that you train your cat to go to the bathroom in.

A curiously fitting nickname for the chatterbox, as well trained noders will rant in the chatterbox instead of noding their rants. Since the chatterbox is "cleaned" more often than the database, the general content of Everything stays relatively rant free(at least in theory), while still providing an outlet for frustration (a common function of online communities).

Please note: this is not meant to be a disparagement, Just an exploration of a metaphor. The chatterbox has other functions as well, this is just one of the more unique ones.

Yet another American/British linguistic difference. In North America, a catbox is, it appears, the shallow plastic tray (sometimes furnished with a cover) in which you put cat litter for your cat to crap on in a reasonably sanitary fashion, assuming that you don't do the sensible thing and encourage the beast to go and shit in your neighbours' flower beds instead. However, in the variants of English spoken in places where a bathroom is a room with a bath in it, that object is, marginally less euphemistically, known as a litter tray, while a catbox or cat box would be the more or less secure ventilated container in which you attempt to put your cat, following much searching and/or extraction from underneath furniture (since the little bugger will certainly have determined your evil intent well in advance, and skedaddled) to transport the said animal to the vet/cattery.

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