(best sung in high, sweet Irish tenor voice)

Oh Dannye boy, the nodes, the nodes are calling
From Page of Cool, and down the nodeshell side
Pinchemadre's gone, and all the trolls are whining
'Tis you, 'tis you must nuke and they must hide

And come ye back when newbies and the Level Twos
Flood ENN with "Getting to Know You"s
'Cause you'll be there in Catbox or in nodegel ooze
Oh Dannye boy, oh Dannye boy, I love your nukes

And if you come, and all the nodes are NFN
With users fled, as fled they well may be
You'll come and fill the place where crap is lurkin'
With nodes of golf and bands and the sweet GOP

And we shall hear the whiners moan of censorship
Despite all pleas that they Earn their Bullshit
But we'll have faith that Ching!s outnumber Nuke Requests
Oh Dannye boy, let E2 glide unto its rest
Oh Dannye boy, let E2 glide unto its rest

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