This is a living document for all Brevity Quests. As such it may change from year to year, and may be amended as new questions arise.

Currently, Brevity Quest entries are capped at 300 words. However, the word count that you can add to your writeup header (Advanced Settings -> 'Writeup Headers' -> 'Show approximate word count of writeup') is not the official word count for the quest.

There are a number of exceptions regarding which words in your writeup will count towards the quest total. Words that do not count are:

  • Text hidden in pipelinks
  • Numbers in numbered lists
  • References (but footnotes do count!)
  • The Brevity Quest tag (i.e., 300 or Brevity Quest)

If I have a question as to whether a writeup qualifies for the quest, I will copy the displayed text (i.e., what is displayed when you post, rather than what you typed in the text box), into the E2 Word Counter, remove any exempt words, and use that number as final.

This writeup may be edited at any time by the Brevity Quest lead judge. For BQ2021, this is Tem42. Please contact Tem42 with any questions.

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