This may sound like a rather mean comment, but being a cat , I can tell you, it's the truth. I mean there are a series of animals: badgers, snakes, goats, etc. who will bite people when given the chance. I have bitten a few myself, but it was provoked and warranted. That's another story.

What is the point here is- why don't people go ahead and do the biting themselves, rather than having these brain damaged, scent addled animals in their houses and backyards? Dogs contribute little and destroy much; they are bottom feeders. If their role in the little world of human existence is to make noise and occasionally bark I am hardly impressed. Humans have a large array of machinery at their disposal that can do both of these functions with flair and with regularity. They have weapons of small and mass destruction and seem particulary keen at injuring themselves with relative ease. Their cars, boats and plane make enough racket to keep most of the rest of the species awake for hours on end. So the whole "I need a watchdog" thing doesn't hold water with me.

This leaves only the biting process. I do not get this. People hit each other, beat each other and run into each other, often with flair, and sometimes (based on what I can see on TV) in front of national audiences. I can't imagine that an occasional bite would be a big problem. Please don't talk to me about sanitary-I'm the one that shares a catboxroom with these folks, OK?

My mother, at one stage, worked for a Social Services department at which one of her roles was to interview beneficiaries to discuss extra money for them for various reasons (to buy a pram, clothes, shoes, meths, drugs etc).

One "gentleman" got particularly upset with her one day when she refused him additional moneys and he decided to throw a chair at her. Not content with attempted bodily harm with a piece of furniture, he waited outside the office for her to come out at lunchtime.

When she came out he had a rotweiler with him which he had snarling and frothing at her. She immediately smacked the dog on the nose and it ran wimpering and cowering behind its master's legs.

You see, low-lives with supposedly vicious animals have made those animals that way by beating the shit out of them. An animal that is beaten a lot soon becomes a coward and is really not a huge threat.

The "gentleman" was upset and distraught that his plan had backfired and both he and his pet sloped off with their tails between their legs.

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