1983. We just got HBO. I'm in high school. I was watching TV with my mother (my dad was working), and George Carlin in Carlin at Carnegie Hall comes on.

Now, George Carlin was sort-of an okay guy in our house, despite us being very Catholic, because of his apperances on The Tonight Show mostly. His witty wordplay on that show was considered quite funny by all of us, so I'm not sure if my mom was thinking of that, or if she knew what she was getting into when the special started with Carlin saying,

"Have you ever noticed that all of the women who are against abortion are people you wouldn't want to fuck in the first place?"

Well, I'm sitting there stunned, and looking to mom for some indication of how I'm supposed to react. She's just watching the TV, not laughing, not disgusted but also not changing the channel.

I think I should leave but for two things: Leaving would acknowledge that I knew better, and I really wanted to see this damn special.

So, Mom and I, on separate couches, watch a whole George Carlin HBO Special. There were times when we'd laugh, and then there were times when it was so funny, but so raunchy, that I wanted to laugh, but not in front of mom, so I'd run to my room, shut the door, and bust out laughing.

Man, that was fun. Sadly, mom passed away before I could ask her what exactly this evening was all about.

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