My mom died 5 years ago from lung cancer. I certainly do miss her.

It's only been recently that I've started to appreciate how much I've gotten from her. While the rest of my family has gone crazy right-wing on me, I'm much more left of center, like mom was. She was the friendly, thoughtful, have serious conversation one of the family. I think I got some of my sense of humor from her as well. She was the one I talked to on the phone.

When she had her aneurysm removed in 1982, she never was the same. When she had to be put on Dilantin 3 years later after a seizure, she lost a little bit more of herself. The last few years of her life she was surely deteriorating from the cancer although none of us knew it until the very end.

She also had a somewhat skewed perspective on reality. I'm not sure if she was just a little off, or if she really was an absurdist comic genius. I used to think the former (especially as an adolescent,) but now I'm starting to wonder.

Here's some stories about my mom. I'll add more if I have the time.

I watched a George Carlin HBO special with my mother

My mom's halloween costume

Alice the car

mrichich's mom on Parent's Weekend: 1

mrichich's mom on Parent's Weekend: 2

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