Considering the only time I've been in a strip club was to deliver mail and packages, I really couldn't explain why straight girls are in the strip clubs. But, let me theorize based on the "scientific knowledge" I have gained about these places. My sources: Penthouse forum and talking with other women.

  • She is curious where her man goes with the boys - I would be willing to go with my boyfriend to a strip club just to see where he hangs out with his male buddies. However, my boyfriend doesn't go to strip clubs, so this is a moot point for me.
  • She likes to watch naked girls dance - There's nothing wrong with admiring the female form. Perhaps she wants to get ideas for things to do in the bedroom, like a private dance. Maybe she is a little bi-curious. Who knows?
  • It turns her and her boyfriend on to go to a strip club together - Some couples watch dirty movies together. Others visit sex stores for a little toy shopping to get each other going. Some couples like to read dirty books or look at porn mags together. Most people like to add a little spice now and then to their sex lives. Going to a strip club can do that.
  • She wants to get her date drunk and horny - What better way to guarantee getting laid that night! Fill him with beer and whiskey, put some naked chicks in front of him, then run your hand up his thigh and whisper something in his ear.

I don't think its wrong to assume that the girls you see in strip clubs are straight for the reasons above. Its very possible that the girls are bi or lesbians too. Does it matter? As long as everyone is having fun, who cares? :)

As a married 'straight' woman who went to a strip club at her bachlorette party, I feel I should say something here.

I love my husband. I have always had relationships with men. But I love looking at women, clothed or not. I'm unabatedly attracted to them. I had lap dances that night and was so aroused that my eyes rolled in the back of my head. That wasn't my first strip club experience, either.

Some of the girls who accompanied me felt visibly uncomfortable. They were there only for me, getting little of their own enjoyment out of the situation. But I know there are many women like me who are straight but still wildly attracted to other woman and not afraid to admit it. Maybe we are what other people would label as bisexual. I'm personally convinced that a majority of people are bisexual in some sense; there is simply a vast spectrum from straight to gay. I derive great pleasure out of talking candidly about women around men to see how they react. Almost all the time they are completely intrigued and turned on, which is always alot of fun.

My husband is willing to go to a strip club with me but I don't really want to go with him; I'd be too busy thinking of him looking at these girls and that is something that doesn't much interest me. Besides, going to a place like that and watching ladies strip is silliness; there are beautiful women everywhere who are tangible and real and far more attractive. I go out to bars and clubs with my girlfriends and dance with them. Part of the fun is that men seem completely enthralled, but thats not why we do it. They're just more fun to dance with than guys; more sexy and more open and beautiful. I love women.

Does this mean I'm not straight by your definition? I don't know, I've never been sexually involved with a woman in any way. But if given the opportunity (and if I was still single of course) who knows what might happen. ; )

I recently worked in a strip club. Granted, I was not a dancer, I was a floor guy, but after having worked there for the better part of a full year I feel somewhat certain that I've got a bead on a few things. This was one of the first things I noticed when I started working there: straight girls who, under normal circumstances wouldn't be interested in women, enjoying themselves immensely in our establishment.

I have asked many different dancers on their views in regards to this. No single answer has been the same; there is no "pat" answer to this perplexing paradox, it seems. But here some of the answers that have come my way over the months (in no particular order):

  • "They're just trying to identify with their boyfriends or husbands or lovers or whatever. They're trying to figure out what all the fuss is about. Most of 'em don't get it."
  • "Some of them have latent bi- or homosexual tendencies. This is their outlet, their way of sort of peeking out of the closet instead of jumping out. Controlled environment, y'know?"
  • "One girl told me that her mother died recently. When she was a teenager, she'd had a few experiences with her mother- nothing emotionally scarring or anything, but definitely intimate. She said she wanted me to 'mother her' while I danced for her. Fucking weird, but she offered a hell of a tip. So I mothered her."
  • "Some boyfriends have the strangest fantasies. And some girls have even stranger fantasies. And that's what I get paid to do: create fantasies. Beyond that, who gives a shit?"
  • "The girl kept pestering her boyfriend about what his deepest, darkest fantasy was. The standard- two girls, one guy. She wasn't about to do that. But she saw this as an acceptable compromise. They were nice. Minded their manners."
  • "To get drunk for free. I mean, do you realize how easy it is for these girls to walk in here, bat their lashes and get a shot of whiskey just for looking pretty? And they don't even have to dance for it. Fucking lushes."
  • "Are you kidding me? Haven't you been watching MTV lately? It's, like, the only way that guys their age can show off, short of shooting somebody or dealing drugs. If the guys are here, the girls aren't gonna be far behind. Especially if the guys are flagging hundreds all over the place."
  • "They like the fact that we aren't gonna try to fuck 'em. All we want is their money and all they want is some soft skin. Fair trade. Girls get turned on by different things from men. Fucking, to be honest, isn't half the turn-on to a girl that gentle rubbing can be. And we do that pretty damn good. And we won't ask for their number when the song is over. Usually."
  • "It's hard to get an STD from a lap dance."

These are all pulled from the dregs of my memory, not all verbatim but close to it. Like I said: there are all kinds of different reasons, and no single one of them may apply to all girls.

I guess it's a bit like asking why someone who isn't at all a Star Trek fan would go see a Trek movie in the theater.

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