Considering the only time I've been in a strip club was to deliver mail and packages, I really couldn't explain why straight girls are in the strip clubs. But, let me theorize based on the "scientific knowledge" I have gained about these places. My sources: Penthouse forum and talking with other women.

  • She is curious where her man goes with the boys - I would be willing to go with my boyfriend to a strip club just to see where he hangs out with his male buddies. However, my boyfriend doesn't go to strip clubs, so this is a moot point for me.
  • She likes to watch naked girls dance - There's nothing wrong with admiring the female form. Perhaps she wants to get ideas for things to do in the bedroom, like a private dance. Maybe she is a little bi-curious. Who knows?
  • It turns her and her boyfriend on to go to a strip club together - Some couples watch dirty movies together. Others visit sex stores for a little toy shopping to get each other going. Some couples like to read dirty books or look at porn mags together. Most people like to add a little spice now and then to their sex lives. Going to a strip club can do that.
  • She wants to get her date drunk and horny - What better way to guarantee getting laid that night! Fill him with beer and whiskey, put some naked chicks in front of him, then run your hand up his thigh and whisper something in his ear.

I don't think its wrong to assume that the girls you see in strip clubs are straight for the reasons above. Its very possible that the girls are bi or lesbians too. Does it matter? As long as everyone is having fun, who cares? :)