As a married 'straight' woman who went to a strip club at her bachlorette party, I feel I should say something here.

I love my husband. I have always had relationships with men. But I love looking at women, clothed or not. I'm unabatedly attracted to them. I had lap dances that night and was so aroused that my eyes rolled in the back of my head. That wasn't my first strip club experience, either.

Some of the girls who accompanied me felt visibly uncomfortable. They were there only for me, getting little of their own enjoyment out of the situation. But I know there are many women like me who are straight but still wildly attracted to other woman and not afraid to admit it. Maybe we are what other people would label as bisexual. I'm personally convinced that a majority of people are bisexual in some sense; there is simply a vast spectrum from straight to gay. I derive great pleasure out of talking candidly about women around men to see how they react. Almost all the time they are completely intrigued and turned on, which is always alot of fun.

My husband is willing to go to a strip club with me but I don't really want to go with him; I'd be too busy thinking of him looking at these girls and that is something that doesn't much interest me. Besides, going to a place like that and watching ladies strip is silliness; there are beautiful women everywhere who are tangible and real and far more attractive. I go out to bars and clubs with my girlfriends and dance with them. Part of the fun is that men seem completely enthralled, but thats not why we do it. They're just more fun to dance with than guys; more sexy and more open and beautiful. I love women.

Does this mean I'm not straight by your definition? I don't know, I've never been sexually involved with a woman in any way. But if given the opportunity (and if I was still single of course) who knows what might happen. ; )