Preliminary list (alphabetical) includes:

Kathy Acker
many of her works, though not necessarily as obvious a focus, as her work was just flat-out queer and polymorphously perverse.
Poppy Z. Brite
most works. See also
Mary Renault
mainly her series of books set in Ancient Greece, especially those dealing with Alexander the Great. Titles include The Persian Boy, The Charioteer, The King Must Die, and The Mask of Apollo.
Anne Rice
most of her works, particularly the Vampire series, but also Cry to Heaven and much of her erotica written under the pseudonyms A.N. Roquelaure and Anne Rampling.
Marguerite Yourcenar
Memoirs of Hadrian

semi-anonymous authors
There is a strong subset within "slash" fanfiction of writers who (at least) present themselves as women, and have a distinct fascination with the gay subtext and potential erotic combinations of various television (and other fictional) characters. This is not limited to Xena: Warrior Princess fiction either, and dates at least as far back as the Kirk/Spock combinations that are credited as the origin of slashfic.

Speculation on why this type of writing is rendered "invisible":

See: Silences by Tillie Olsen, the works of Marjorie Garber, and other works in cultural studies and feminism on marginalization and erasure.

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