The First, Last, and only line of defence needed to keep unwanted patrons, loiterers, and trash out of an establishment.

Has recently been implimented in chatrooms.

Bouncers, are, usually, former hired thugs, or other such previous military vocation.

In Everything they would be interpreted as Everything's Editors.

a Bouncer is a damn-near indestructible mug manufactured by Rubbermaid. it sports classic good looks and a spiffy handle, and has the advantage of resistance to everything.

empirical evidence has shown that Bouncers can withstand >300ft. vertical drops onto concrete; sustained temperatures lower than 77K (-195.8degC, the boiling point of liquid nitrogen) and higher than 400degF (200degC); exposure to xylene, toluene, isopropanol, acetone, mineral spirits, and other solvents; and magnetic pulses from a 9ft. Tesla coil.

the only way i've heard of a Bouncer being reliably broken is by propelling it by means of a linear potato accelerator into the side of a dumpster at 12ft or less. in that case, fucking duck and wear a helmet or something because you're going to die otherwise.

A bouncer is another fearsome side-arm in a well-equiped fast-bowler's array of weaponry. The slowest this can be bowled is about 80 mph, below which it turns into an appealing prospect for immediate dispatch over the pavilion. This, from the bowler's p.o.v., is undesirable.

To bowl one of these, just pitch the ball between 11 and 16 yards down the crease. Ideally, the ball should fly up in the batsman's face, in a shit-scary way. Due to the fact the fast bowlers at the top of their jump, arm raised, often make about ten feet from ball to ground, angle of incidence is not an issue. In the 1990s, Allan Donald and Curtly Ambrose practically wrote the best practice manual on this. The bouncer is now such standard currency that regulating laws have been introduced. Only two bouncers an over may now be bowled, at the interpretation of the umpire. If you're bowling bodyline, a bouncer will be especially intimidating, if hard projectiles at the face at 90 mph sounds a bit tame for you.

Boun"cer (?), n.


One who bounces; a large, heavy person who makes much noise in moving.


A boaster; a bully.




A bold lie; also, a liar.




Something big; a good stout example of the kind.

The stone must be a bouncer. De Quincey.


© Webster 1913.

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