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Trying not to confuse the rigour of the analytic procedure with the epistemelogical authority of the ensuing results, or, Just because you think you're smart it never follows that you are right.
"Fat, irritable, moody, lazy, evasive, dangerous, young, irresponsible, selfish, immature boy."
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Those people who, it seems, have been kind enough to send me little messages now and then in the past few months should not be disheartened by my lack of a response. Email me. I'll get back to you.

Editors, Gods, sundry other caretakers - do whatever you need to do. All remaining errors are, of course, mine.

I have moved to San Francisco, to beautiful Nob Hill. I am starting a PhD still working on my PhD and nesting with the girl. You're best off contacting me at Hugs and kisses.

I thrive best hermit style,
with a beard and a pipe
and a parrot on each side
but now I find I can't do this without you

{---} says:The site's "all
things to all men" mentality is
the heart of its charm and the
source of its agony. I've given up
trying to convince people my
way is right. I just want people to
write, have fun, and get along.

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