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Maddux and his G-Luv.

You can view some of my items on the website under PiscesCeramics.


Halspal original low fire sunfish
Wertperch and grundoon original low fire perch, five sunnies of various clay bodies including rare porcelain. High fire.
JohnnyGoodyear Original low fire sunfish, five sunnies stoneware high fire cone 10.
IWhoSawTheFace sunfish high fire mailed twice once return to sender arrived broken dorsal fin.
drownzsurf first high fire sunfish. arrived whole.
eien meru high fire sunfish arrived broken tail
Dejamorgana high fire sunfish arrived broken tail
Lometa high fire sunfish arrived whole
dannye crazy looking red snapper arrived whole
momomom high fire and iron sunny shiney prehistoric like
Felttips bought the bottom trout on my homenode for her hubby
Craze sunfish arrived one piece.
shaogo - Black Sea Bass
golFur nice blue looking trout bent
jessicapierce Little sunnie, nice glaze shino and opal blue
riverrun Matte sunnie
Palpz little sunnie first fish to Canada.
Chase Not a bream, little sunfish.
iceowl Sunfish

On the list:
karma debt Gorgonzola

Cool beans
feltips little trout
dem bones

Lord Brawl
Glowing Fish

Me alone in the catbox early in the morn 2/7/06

11:56 Think nothing of it.
11:57 that might be my mantra for a few days. absolve my heart of thought. Mu.
11:59 I strayed form the path to discover a new way, but only found that I was lost. Now I don't know the way back, so I am found.
12:04 Perhaps I will rest in this found for some time.
12:06 I will let go of lost and only dream of it. Remember only each grain of powder white sand that became my skin and the flying fish I never saw.
12:08 This things are no longer mine and when I see their reflection in the dark morning window I am ashamed and must look away in my half hearted resolve of embarassment.
12:11 I won't dare go back there again. Not to that place of insecurity. Not to the place of repressed fear. I won't.
12:12 Instead, I will be found in lost, under a canopy of variegated leaves of content with the sky above an old blue and perhaps a sun out there to watch set later.
12:13 Patience will be my pillow.

Noders who have seen me in real life: stylee, Halspal, Siobhan

I'm glad you stopped by.

Noders who have sent me stuff:

Liontamer: some seaglass from the Ariache Sea. And some other seaglass.

Segnbora-t: a nice postcard and a Chrimma card 2004, Chrimma card 2005

yclept: some monkey

Glowing Fish: a nice note about hermit crabs and a postcard with a solar RACECAR on it

Strawberry: a postcard I never received

Chiisuta: a postcard with a story about a man sitting on a bus.

skybluefusion: A Christmas card 2004.

Cool Beans: A birthday card 2005. Many postcard, Chrimma card 2005

pukesick: a homemade cardboard silver postcard with a jolly roger on it, and a note about soemething.

Maylith: a card with a nice note and a sequin butterfly magnet.

Chras4 and Lometa: A postcard from Arizona sent from CT.

Live in Minneapolis, from Chicago (Oak Park). I like to ride my bike and sit and think. I cook and drink wine. I have a Puppy named Maddux Itchy Brocken. I have a wife and a little baby. I love the Chicago Cubs and believe in myself. I make hand made decorative ceramic fish for a living. I am a volunteer guide at the Walker Art Center I'm 36 years old. I joined E2 after my father died and a friend suggested it to get junk off my mind. I write late at night and I apologize for my typos and spelling.

I've been all over the place. Ask me about my adventures, but be specific.

I've had two official node audits. Thanks to Wiccanpiper and Palpz. If you wanna audit me, go crazy.


I invented you after an erratic mosquito day, in layers of confusion
To ease this swollen snailsoul
And because my co-created self retreated so deeply by the time of my
commute home

But did I really sculpt your lipsclosed, eyebright stare?
Your inner wrists?
Smiling that ligament in the neck standout smile?
Your swaying movement from doorway to sitting?

It seemed for a second that I could innervate you
But then my insides dissolved into the linoleum
And the sayings took off without me
They paraded around--those show offs
They made me watch them in their relational underdeveloped drunkenness

Then they caught sight of themselves in the window by the desk and felt so embarrassed
They'll die before they show up at this place again, all made up for you

But me, I want to become
I want to give suggestive books with swirled scrawled letters on their inside covers
Droplets of water suspended like suspension bridges from resinous and aromatic jointed tiny needle-leaves
And if you put your finger under one of them-just underneath-it makes a bubble droplet on there (You can do it with all five)

And then I'll put your forehead on mine and let the bubble droplet thoughts suspend
Waiting there for a while (for all the time I need) in their pregnant stillness

Poem II

Can scraggled bramble scrapes be healed with flowers mixed with spit?

And do dripping grass blades under mushy similar garden feet absorb shocks

of sudden midnight storms?

How about if I was not in this world, but locked a the time-warp behind French doors

and a Bermuda triangle ceiling and this mistiness pre-morning?

And in the lanolin cotton-wooly reality of these many shaped pillows and layers of favorite

t-shirt sheets (arms and legs and ideas tangled inside)?

If we threw in books of magic lessons, 78% cocoa kisses, two sets of flowers, a

cherimoya shaped like a heart (before it went bad), and a box shaped like a heart inside a box shaped like a hexagon, would that do the trick?

Look into the frosty sea-glassy crystal blue ball and tell me what you see

(I’ll give you a hint: It’s not something simple)

‘Looks a little like

a heart inside a box;

a full moon hangover;

a swollen round pouch insidesoul drying deep, ever so slowly, ever so sweetly

in the suction mud sun

These poems were written by phloem aka the real dr.awkward. She is the one who knew me when.

I'm still learning about words. Please be patient.

The BROCKEN unit is.

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