Cool Nightclub in East Oxford made internationally famous as the setting for the hit Radiohead single, creep

I often make my way down their on a weekend for a bangin' night of Stone Roses, Charlatons, Happy Mondays,Fat Boy Slim and other indie fare. The colour scheme is irredeemably Model T and the bar staff unrepentently bad. However, due to the dearth of decent nightclubs in Oxford, I'm often to be found bopping the night away in close proximity to some allegedly attractive tongue/navel pierced indie chick.

The Zodiac is located on the infamous Cowley Road. Among its DJ's is Mark Gardener formerly of Oxford shoe-gazers Ride. On a Friday night it is a mecca for Drum n bass enthusiasts. Wednesday night is student night described as

"The easiest place to get laid in England".NME
I wish.

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