In quantum mechanics, for example, one often uses what are called projection operators. Let me explain in mathematics first, then English.

Consider a vector |q>, and apply an operator P to it: P|q>. P is a projection operator or projector if a reapplication of the operator leaves the result unchanged:

P2|q> = P|q>

The idea is that P projects the vector in a certain direction. Once this is done, the result cannot be further oriented thusly. P2 = P.

In plain English, there are some things which are either true or false. You can't super-empregnate someone. Once you kill someone, you can't make them more dead. And if someone one is bullshitting you, quantity doesn't matter. Bullshit squared is still just bullshit. Therefore, bullshit is a projection operator. (Yes, I'm aware I'm a geek. Deal with it.)

I suppose you can contrast this with the philosophy expressed in Pauli's exclamation: "It's so bad it's not even wrong!"

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