The movie American Pie (1999) was directed by Paul Weitz and writen by Adam Herz.
A comedy who's tagline is: There's something about your first piece.
The plot of the movie is that four teenage boys enter a pact to lose their virginity by prom night or die.
Staring roles were Jason Biggs as Jim, Shannon Elizabeth as Nadia, Alyson Hannigan as Michelle, Chris Klein as Oz, Natasha Lyonne as Jessica, Thomas Ian Nicholas as Kevin, Eddie Kaye Thomas as Finch

First of all I want to say that one doesn't have to be old or have been alive when an artist was alive and shaking up the world of their craft to appreciate their work, the legacy they gave us. Having said that I realize I just defended Madonna...I also defended all people who love Mozart, Shakespeare, or any other beloved but long dead artists. Many modern artists take liberty in constructing their own version/vision of their favorite artists works.

Tori Amos also has a cover of American Pie which she has combined with a cover of Teen Spirit. This combination in my opinion is a compelling and thought provoking lyrical combination. I imagine however some would find her version just as offensive as Madonnas.

American Pie is also the name of the Don McLean album on which the song first appeared. As well as the title track it includes his other classic, the sad and deeply beautiful Vincent, along with Empty Chairs, Winterwood and Crossroads, which are all pretty good. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that Empty Chairs is lovely. The rest of the album is okayish, but perhaps slightly disappointing after those; he continues in a similar, folksy sort of vein. Bizarrely, the tape copy I have features two indistinguishable versions of Winterwood, one on each side.

Full track listing:

  1. American Pie
  2. Till Tomorrow
  3. Vincent
  4. Crossroads
  5. Winterwood
  6. Empty Chairs
  7. Everybody Loves Me, Baby
  8. Sister Fatima
  9. The Grave
  10. Babylon
The music is used for a very amusing song called "American Pie - Hacker Style". I found this song on several computer humour pages but none say who wrote this. I added my favorite method to play American Pie in chordpro format:

"American Pie" - Hacker Style

A |G| Long, |D| long, |Em7| time ago, |Am| I can still re|C|member
How |Em| UNIX used to make me |D| smile...
And |G| I knew that |D| with a |Em7| login name
That |Am| I could play those |C| unix games
And |Em| maybe hack some |C| programs for a |D| while.
|Em| But February |Am| made me shiver
|Em| With every program |Am| I'd deliver
|C| Bad news |G| on the |Am| doorstep,
I c|C|ouldn't take one |D|more spec...
I |G| can't re|D|member getting |Em| smashed
When I |Am7| heard about the |D| system crash
And |G| all the |D| passwords |Em| got rehashed
The |C| Day That |D7| UNIX |G| Died...
And I was singing:

|G| Bye, |C|bye, nroff, |G| rogue and |D| vi
Gave my |G| program to Phil |C| Levy but Phil |G| Levy was |D|high,
The |G| boys on the |C| board were sayin' |G| "kill this, goodb|D|ye."
Singin' |Em| this'll be the day that I die |Am|...
|Em| This'll be the day that I |D7| die |D7-Am-D7-G-D7-Am-D7|

|G| Did you write the new |Am| games shell
And do |C| you have faith in |Am| the manual?
|Em| If b:dennie |D| tells you so... |D-G-D-Am-D|
Well, do |G|you be|D|lieve in |Em|UNIX C
Can |Am7| hacking save you |C|memory
And |Em| can you tell me |A7| why vi's |D| so slow
Well, I |Em|know that you're in |D| love with C
'Cause I |Em| saw your code |D| on UNIX B
You |C| just kicked |G| off your |D| shoes
Man, you |C| cleaned up |G| every |D7| kludge!
I was a |G| lonely |D| young |Em| computer geek
With a |Am| program due 'most |C| every week
But |G| I guess that |D| I was |Em| meant to freak
The |C| Day That |D7| UNIX |G| Died |C-G|

And I was singin:


|G| Well, for ten weeks we've been |Am| in this class
The |C| professor really |Am| is an ass.|Em|
But that's not how it |D|used to be... |G-D-Am-D|
When Ira |G|Pohl |D|taught in|Em| CIS 12
And user |Am7| limits could |C| go to hell
And there |Em| was still |A7| space on |D| UNIX C.
And |Em| while the board was |D| looking 'round
The |Em| Chancellor brought the |D| budget down
The |C| classes |G| were ad|D|journed
Evalua|C|tions weren't re|D7|turned
And while |G| Huffman |D|read a |Em| book by Pohl
The |Am| CIS board made some prof's |C| heads roll
And |G| we wrote |D| programs that |Em| weren't whole
The |C| Day That |D7| UNIX |G| Died |C-G|

And we were singin'...


|G|Helter skelter in the |Am| summer swelter
I |C| went in the lab to |Am| find some shelter
|Em| Ninety degrees and |D| risin' faaaaaasst!!! |D-G-D-Am-D|
|G| C stayed |D| up for |Em| ten whole days
The |Am7| hackers really |C| were amazed
Wonderin' how |Em| long |A7| it all |D| would last.
Well, |Em| both the forums were |D| really great
|Em| Nobody got us |D| all irate
|C| We had |G| a stroke of |D| luck
The |C| system |C| did not |D7| duck
'Cause the |G| hackers |D| kept their |Em| code real clean
The |Am| UNDR-shell |C| was really keen |G|
Do you |D|recall |Em|what was the scene
The |C|Day That |D7| UNIX |G|Died? |C-G|

And we were singin...


|G|Our programs were all |Am| in one place,
|C|UNIX had run |Am| out of space
|Em| With no time left to |D| start again... |D-G-D-Am-D|
So, |G|Jack be nimble, |Em|Jack be quick,
Use |Am7| every |C| programming trick
'Cause |Em| UNIX may |A7|soon crash |D| again...
And |Em| as I watched |D| the system fill
My |Em|login process |D| would be killed.
|C|The system |G| just went |D| down
|C| Consternation up |D7| at Crown!!!
The |G| hours went |D| on in|Em|to the night
And |Am| all that we could |C| do was rite
I saw |G| Dennie |D| laughing |Em| with delight
The |C| Day That |D7| UNIX |G| Died
And he was singin'...


I |G|met a |D|girl who sang the |Am|blues
And I |C| asked her for some |Am| stat lab news
But |Em| she just cursed and said |D| "grow up"
I |G| went down |D| through the stat lab |Em7| door
Where I'd |Am| learned of UNIX |C| years before
But the |Em| man there said that |A7| UNIX wasn't up |D|
And in the |Em| halls the students |D| screamed,
The |Em| majors cried and the hackers |D|dreamed,
|C|But not a |G|word was |A7|spoken
The |C| Vaxes all were |D7| broken
And the |G| three folks |D| I ad|Em|mire most
The |Am| Father, Frank, and |C| a. G.'s ghost
They |G|caught the |D|last train |Em|for the coast
The |C|Day That |D7| UNIX |G| Died
And they were singin...


|G|So bye, |C|bye, nroff, |G|rogue and |D|vi
Gave my |G|program to Phil |C|Levy but Phil |G|Levy was |D|high.
The |G|boys on the|C| board were sayin'|G| "kill this, goodb|D|ye"
Singin' |G|this'll be the |D|day that I |G|die...|C-G|

(And if you must know, I actually play this on guitar. Yes, I know I am a geek.)

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