The music is used for a very amusing song called "American Pie - Hacker Style". I found this song on several computer humour pages but none say who wrote this. I added my favorite method to play American Pie in chordpro format:

"American Pie" - Hacker Style

A |G| Long, |D| long, |Em7| time ago, |Am| I can still re|C|member
How |Em| UNIX used to make me |D| smile...
And |G| I knew that |D| with a |Em7| login name
That |Am| I could play those |C| unix games
And |Em| maybe hack some |C| programs for a |D| while.
|Em| But February |Am| made me shiver
|Em| With every program |Am| I'd deliver
|C| Bad news |G| on the |Am| doorstep,
I c|C|ouldn't take one |D|more spec...
I |G| can't re|D|member getting |Em| smashed
When I |Am7| heard about the |D| system crash
And |G| all the |D| passwords |Em| got rehashed
The |C| Day That |D7| UNIX |G| Died...
And I was singing:

|G| Bye, |C|bye, nroff, |G| rogue and |D| vi
Gave my |G| program to Phil |C| Levy but Phil |G| Levy was |D|high,
The |G| boys on the |C| board were sayin' |G| "kill this, goodb|D|ye."
Singin' |Em| this'll be the day that I die |Am|...
|Em| This'll be the day that I |D7| die |D7-Am-D7-G-D7-Am-D7|

|G| Did you write the new |Am| games shell
And do |C| you have faith in |Am| the manual?
|Em| If b:dennie |D| tells you so... |D-G-D-Am-D|
Well, do |G|you be|D|lieve in |Em|UNIX C
Can |Am7| hacking save you |C|memory
And |Em| can you tell me |A7| why vi's |D| so slow
Well, I |Em|know that you're in |D| love with C
'Cause I |Em| saw your code |D| on UNIX B
You |C| just kicked |G| off your |D| shoes
Man, you |C| cleaned up |G| every |D7| kludge!
I was a |G| lonely |D| young |Em| computer geek
With a |Am| program due 'most |C| every week
But |G| I guess that |D| I was |Em| meant to freak
The |C| Day That |D7| UNIX |G| Died |C-G|

And I was singin:


|G| Well, for ten weeks we've been |Am| in this class
The |C| professor really |Am| is an ass.|Em|
But that's not how it |D|used to be... |G-D-Am-D|
When Ira |G|Pohl |D|taught in|Em| CIS 12
And user |Am7| limits could |C| go to hell
And there |Em| was still |A7| space on |D| UNIX C.
And |Em| while the board was |D| looking 'round
The |Em| Chancellor brought the |D| budget down
The |C| classes |G| were ad|D|journed
Evalua|C|tions weren't re|D7|turned
And while |G| Huffman |D|read a |Em| book by Pohl
The |Am| CIS board made some prof's |C| heads roll
And |G| we wrote |D| programs that |Em| weren't whole
The |C| Day That |D7| UNIX |G| Died |C-G|

And we were singin'...


|G|Helter skelter in the |Am| summer swelter
I |C| went in the lab to |Am| find some shelter
|Em| Ninety degrees and |D| risin' faaaaaasst!!! |D-G-D-Am-D|
|G| C stayed |D| up for |Em| ten whole days
The |Am7| hackers really |C| were amazed
Wonderin' how |Em| long |A7| it all |D| would last.
Well, |Em| both the forums were |D| really great
|Em| Nobody got us |D| all irate
|C| We had |G| a stroke of |D| luck
The |C| system |C| did not |D7| duck
'Cause the |G| hackers |D| kept their |Em| code real clean
The |Am| UNDR-shell |C| was really keen |G|
Do you |D|recall |Em|what was the scene
The |C|Day That |D7| UNIX |G|Died? |C-G|

And we were singin...


|G|Our programs were all |Am| in one place,
|C|UNIX had run |Am| out of space
|Em| With no time left to |D| start again... |D-G-D-Am-D|
So, |G|Jack be nimble, |Em|Jack be quick,
Use |Am7| every |C| programming trick
'Cause |Em| UNIX may |A7|soon crash |D| again...
And |Em| as I watched |D| the system fill
My |Em|login process |D| would be killed.
|C|The system |G| just went |D| down
|C| Consternation up |D7| at Crown!!!
The |G| hours went |D| on in|Em|to the night
And |Am| all that we could |C| do was rite
I saw |G| Dennie |D| laughing |Em| with delight
The |C| Day That |D7| UNIX |G| Died
And he was singin'...


I |G|met a |D|girl who sang the |Am|blues
And I |C| asked her for some |Am| stat lab news
But |Em| she just cursed and said |D| "grow up"
I |G| went down |D| through the stat lab |Em7| door
Where I'd |Am| learned of UNIX |C| years before
But the |Em| man there said that |A7| UNIX wasn't up |D|
And in the |Em| halls the students |D| screamed,
The |Em| majors cried and the hackers |D|dreamed,
|C|But not a |G|word was |A7|spoken
The |C| Vaxes all were |D7| broken
And the |G| three folks |D| I ad|Em|mire most
The |Am| Father, Frank, and |C| a. G.'s ghost
They |G|caught the |D|last train |Em|for the coast
The |C|Day That |D7| UNIX |G| Died
And they were singin...


|G|So bye, |C|bye, nroff, |G|rogue and |D|vi
Gave my |G|program to Phil |C|Levy but Phil |G|Levy was |D|high.
The |G|boys on the|C| board were sayin'|G| "kill this, goodb|D|ye"
Singin' |G|this'll be the |D|day that I |G|die...|C-G|

(And if you must know, I actually play this on guitar. Yes, I know I am a geek.)