Born to a musical family in Asheville, North Carolina in 1937, Roberta Flack was discovered by Les McCann. She was signed to Atlantic Records, and first entered the charts with her cover of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," a song, though recorded in 1969, only became a hit when it was played in the film "Play Misty for Me."

Flack enjoyed a number of critical and commercial successes in the seventies and early eighties, among them a series of hit duets with Donny Hathaway.

I can't get her out of my head. There are songs or albums that come along that I must listen to over and over again until I am finally tired of them and they are out of my system...It's not working with her. I can listen to her for three days straight. I prefer her version of Bridge over Troubled Water over Simon and Garfunkel's version. I sing along with every word and it makes me feel transcendent. There is something in her voice that has so many dimensions that I even forgive her for not writing her own music. Her voice alone is art.
When I was searching through my parent's CDs and found Roberta Flack's Quiet Fire, The Fugee's cover of Killing me Softly was on the radio and I was trying to find the original which I had heard was so much better. But this disc did not have it. I was in the seventh grade and I was very pretentious so I tried to get into the CD so I could talk about it and seem very...musically literate (but I was in seventh grade, so of course, I wasn't). The CD sat among my other CDs and collected dust until I eventually returned it to my parent's pile. Then an amazing thing happened: A few months ago I actually discovered her. I picked up the case and glanced over the titles and saw Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and I popped the disc in because I knew that song and was in the mood to hear it....The entire CD was on repeat for the next four hours. My Mom came home in the middle of the duration and laid down on the couch and listened and sang along and every once in a while said something about memories...Ms. Flack is a singer who can and is withstanding the test of time. Her voice is true beauty...

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