"If we weren't doing this, we'd be dead."

This is one of those bands that sound like they meant it. American Head Charge are:

Martin Cockvocals, guitar, programming
Chad Hanks – bass, guitar, programming, everything
Wayne Kile – guitar
David Rogers – guitar
Christopher Emery – drums
Aaron Zilchnoize triggering unit, audio meat grinder
Justin Fowler – noize triggering unit, audio meat grinder

Brief History:

AHC was formed way back in 1996, when Chad Hanks entered a rehabilitation centre, getting off heroin, and met Martin Cock (Cameron Heacock). Chad has been playing the Guitar since his youth, but never put his talent into action until he met Martin. They eventually recruited the rest of the band and managed an album titled "Trepination".

The band opened for a number of starting bands such as Type O Negative, the then less popular Slipknot and Powerman 5000. Then they managed to open for System of a Down, and managed an American Recordings contract. They were wisked off to Rick Rubin's "Houdini Mansion", where they started to write their second album, later called "The War of Art" - an album aptly titled to reflect the acts of emotional war feeding each track.

AHC are an emotionally crippling raid on the senses, with Marin's vocals switching from a quiet, melodic voice to an all-out explosion of the vocal chords. The guitars churn out some of the heaviest riffs you'll ever here (thanks to the two-four guitar lineup), coupled with a kicking bassline and industrialistic samples and sounds. While not as insane as the likes of Atari Teenage Riot or Alec Empire, they should not be underestimated as "just another Slipknot imitator".


Trepanation: (1999)

  1. Reach and Touch
  2. Different
  3. Seamless
  4. Fall
  5. Never get caught
  6. What
  7. When I failed
  8. Stature
  9. To Taste Acid
  10. Feel the curtain
  11. We Believe
  12. Desertion
  13. Pushing the Envolope
  14. Pretty Face

The War of Art: (2001)

  1. A Violent Reaction
  2. Pushing the Envelope
  3. Song for the Suspect
  4. Never get Caught
  5. Self
  6. Just so you Know
  7. Seamless
  8. Effigy 23
  9. Americunts Evolving into Useless Psychic Garbage
  10. Shutdown
  11. We Beleive
  12. Breathe in bleed out
  13. Fall
  14. Reach and Touch
  15. All wrapped up
  16. Nothing gets Nothing

The Feeding: (2005)

  1. Loyalty
  2. Pledge Allegiance
  3. Dirty
  4. Ridicule
  5. Take What I've Taken
  6. Leave Me Alone
  7. Walk Away
  8. Erratic
  9. Fiend
  10. Cowards
  11. To Be Me

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