Ill Nino is a melodic hard-rock band comprised of five Latinos living in New Jersey. Their sound is an admittedly interesting combination of hard pounding in-your-face heavy rock pummeling in the same vein as Soulfly and ultra-melodic passages often underscored by stylish (albeit somewhat fake-sounding) Spanish guitar. In other words, it's like a bastard lovechild between Max Cavelera and Ricky Martin.

The band consists of the following members of the Garden State Latino Possé:

They are assisted in their quest for world domination by:

  • Omar Clavlio who does sampling. I am increasingly of the opinion that he's the one being clever with the acoustic guitar and not our wall-of-fuzz buddy. Come on, listen to the opening of "Unreal" and tell me that's not sampled!
  • DJ Skratch who, apart from thinking up innovative stage names and spelling them incorrectly, does a bit of vinyl damage on almost every song on the record.
  • Krztoff plays keyboards. I dare you to make me a wav of you pronouncing that.

Their first cd, entitled "Revolution...Revolución" is currently out on Roadrunner Records - also home to such esteemed acts as Sepultura and Fear Factory. The track list is:

  1. God Save Us
  2. If You Still Hate Me
  3. Unreal
  4. Nothing's Clear
  5. What Comes Around
  6. Liar
  7. Rumba
  8. Predisposed
  9. I Am Loco
  10. No Murder
  11. Rip Out Your Eyes
  12. Revolution/Revolución
  13. With You

If you're interested in listening before buying, the first two tracks are available on their official website,

* I'm not even making this up. Ref: their official site.

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