Raging Speedhorn are a brutal modern thrash metal band from the "mean" streets of Corby, Northamptonshire, UK. This frankly insane sextet consists of:

The band has a large reputation for getting completely pissed, breaking stuff, getting pissed, fighting, getting pissed and screaming themselves hoarse (and getting pissed). They have been hailed as the saviours of metal and one of the best rock acts in recent years, doing away with all the gimmicks and all the "nu-metal crap" invading the mainstream, and just playing loud and offensive music "the way it should be". Clearly, influences are Black Sabbath, Pantera, Black Flag and Slayer amongst others.

At the moment, their legacy has only reached so far, as they have only had major publicity in Europe (and if you aren't into metal, you probably have no idea who there are anyway). But quite frankly, they don't care. It is unlikely that they will ever reach the mainstream, but they should be able to See this through and Leave eventually.


Raging Speedhorn were born from the ashes of two other local bands, Soulcellar and Box, back in 1998. Gareth, Frank and Darren were members of Soulcellar and the rest hailed from Box. After playing a few shows, they managed to record a self-titled demo localy at Premier Studios in Corby. This demo attracted the metal magazine Terrorizer, who instantly fell in love with them.

The magazine asked them to play at their 2nd annual Christmas Bash. The gig got a great review from the magazine, and the band soon recorded a second demo, again at Premier Studios. Most of the tracks off this demo and their last one would make it onto their first album later.

The horn' managed a few support gigs with the likes of Iron Monkey, a*** c*** (sic), and, suprisingly, the almighty Ministry. They managed to steal the show at a lot of these acts, and their name was now starting to be heard by the mass public. Green Island Management soon found out about them and started to represent them. They recorded a final track, which went on yet another demo (albiet with older tracks), and it sold almost 200 copies at the Dynamo Open Air festival and through the post.

The band are then featured in popular rock magazine Kerrang!'s "Unsigned and Out There" feature. This enocuraged the band to start playing anywhere and everywhere, with their new found position under the spotlight.

A support slot for Hangnail at London’s Barfly got the band their first strong review in Kerrang!. A film crew made a trip up to Corby to film the band for their Electronic Press Kit (EPK), which takes the form of a 10-minute video with interviews and live footage. The EPK went out to labels, DJs and journalists, with the result being an increase in press coverage and the band’s first radio plays on Rock Radio Network. Record labels start making initial enquiries as well.

The band also attracts the wrong sort of attention during a show at Southampton’s Joiners Arms club when numerous residents in the surrounding area phone the venue and the police to complain about the band’s volume. And following a fairly riotous gig at Fat Pauly’s in Norwich, the band travel to London to sign management contracts to ZZT Records the following day. The tour manager’s flat in Corby is completely destroyed during the resulting party, but since it was already destroyed beforehand the neighbours don’t really notice.

Raging Speedhorn began work on their debut album in September, 1999. They manage to get one of the newly mixed tracks, "Thumper", onto a Metal Hammer promo CD, sitting next to names such as Machine Head and Slipknot.

In December, Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell appeared on the cover of Metal Hammer wearing the infamous "Sniff Glue Worship Satan" t-shirt, which Raging Speedhorn just happened to sell.

In the summer of 1999, the debut album is finished and is released on July 31st under ZZT. It recieved a lot of critical praise from many UK rock and metal magazines. The Raging Speedhorn legacy is born.


Raging Speedhorn Promo Demo (1998)

  1. Thumper
  2. High Whore
  3. Knives and faces
  4. Down

Raging Speedhorn Second Promo Demo (1998)

  1. Death Row Dogs
  2. Necrophiliac Glue Sniffer
  3. Spitting Blood
  4. Random Acts Of Violence

Green Island Promo Demo (1999)

  1. Superscud
  2. Thumper
  3. Knives and Faces
  4. Random Acts of Violence

Raging Speedhorn LP (2000)

  1. Superscud
  2. Redweed
  3. Knives and Faces
  4. Mandan
  5. Random Acts of Violence
  6. Thumper
  7. Necrophiliac Glue Sniffer
  8. Dungeon Whippet
  9. Death Row Dogs
  10. High Whore
  11. The Gush (re-released CD only)
  12. Thumper (VIDEO)

We Will Be Dead Tommorow LP (2002)

  1. The Hate Song
  2. Scrapin the Resin
  3. Me and You Man
  4. Scaramanga
  5. Chronic Youth
  6. Iron Cobra
  7. Heartbreaker
  8. Fuck the Voodoo Man
  9. Spitting Blood
  10. Welcome to Shitsville
  11. Ride With the Devil

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