A 4 piece metal band (as of today's line up, Adam Duce, as bassist, Ahrue Luster, as guitarist, Robert Flynn as vocalist and guitarist, and Dave McClain as drummer), formed in 1992. Their debut album, "Burn My Eyes" became a huge success for their label Roadrunner Records (where Fear Factory, Junkie XL, and many other bands signed up on), selling over 500,000 copies worldwide.

Their latest album, "The Burning Red", which is supervised by Ross Robinson (which he helped out Slipknot, Amen, KoRn, and Limp Bizkit) also became a success. Although their album is more of a "vibe" of the record, their latest album is still powerful.

One of the best metal bands I've ever listened to so far. Very hard and aggressive. For starters, I recommend "Burn My Eyes" or "The Burning Red". A truly masterpiece of a band.

A machine head is the part of a guitar used for winding the strings and holding them at a specific tension.

It consists of a knob which, when rotated, turns a peg perpendicular to it which goes into the head of the guitar. The guitar string end is placed through a hole in this peg and, as the knob is turned, the string is wound to the proper tension for whatever note the string is to be tuned to. After re-tuning new strings to the right note a few times, they will be effectively 'broken in' and retain their tension.

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