I can no longer stand to see this node empty. While I regretfully admit to know very little of the man, something must be done.

Ross Robinson is a record producer of hard rock music. He is best known for essentially launching the whole nu-metal fad, being the monkey twiddling the knobs for KoRn's eponymous debut album. He has also worked with acts such as Fear Factory (on their until-recently-unreleased debut CD, "Concrete"), Limp Bizkit, and KoRn's second album, "Life is Peachy".

Information about the man himself, however, is scarce. His first shot at producing a record was in 1983 for a band called Detente, which he also played guitar with. His breakthrough as an influential knobtwiddler was, as I said, KoRn's debut.

Since then, Robinson went on to form his own label, I Am Recordings. It was initially an imprint under Roadrunner Records, but new acts are now being distributed under the Virgin label. Robinson continues to produce records, especially for artists signed to his own label. The artists currently signed to his label are:

Wanted for inclusion in this node: A complete (or semi-complete, anyway) list of bands that Robinson has produced and/or gotten high with.

So far we've got:

Amen's selftitled
Amen's "We Have Come for your Parents"
At The Drive in
Cradle of Thorns
Korn's selftitled (1994) and "Life is Peachy" (1996)
Limp Bizkit's "Three Dollar Bill Y'All"
Machine Head's "The Burning Red"
Phunk Junkeez
Sepultura's "Roots"
Slipknot's selftitled and "Iowa"
Soulfly's selftitled (1998)
Vanilla Ice's "Hard to Swallow" (yes, that Vanilla Ice)
Vex Red's "Start with a Strong and Persistent Desire"

Update. Ross' next project seems to be - brace yourself - producing the next Cure album. The information comes from a press release, released by Smith and the gang themselves on their website, so the authenticity's there. I'll bet none of you saw that one coming.

Thanks to my twin overseas, CzarKhan, for the rundown.

More! Album names and the year of production would be neat, as well.

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