Track 7 from Slipknot's second album, Iowa.

Providing a break from the speed of the first half of the album, Slipknot manages to create a slow ominous feeling with this song, whilst still keeping it extremely heavy and dark. It's always powerful for me when a song builds up from a slow, quiet beginning, and second by second gains momentum until it reaches it's crescendo near the end of the song, and this track does it perfectly.

All music and lyrics written, arranged and performed by Slipknot.
Produced by Ross Robinson and Slipknot.
Mixed by Andy Wallace.

Gently, my mind escapes...
into the relaxing world of pleasure...
A pleasure that'll take my mind...
off the reality...
of my life...
my past life...

life as I know it now

And whatever may come, it slowly disappears
to somewhere in the back of my mind...
It will remain there,
until I wish to retrieve it.

Yes, I will stay here for a while,
for I need the break.
A break from the pressures of life, and everything
that lays in the palm of life's hands.
Life's hands.

This mode is incredible.
It's out of this world.
Too bad I must always leave it...
but that's life.
That's life!

The Heretic Anthem | Slipknot - Iowa | Left Behind

This song originally appeared on Slipknot's early album, Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. , and the lyrics were originally written by the original vocalist, Anders Colsefni. According to Anders, "Gently is about stepping into the "Umbra" or "Spirit World". It's accomplished with the help of any reflective surface."

After hearing this song, some may assume that it is about drugs, getting high, reaching a spiritual place through artificial means, but it is largely known that Slipknot are 'clean', and don't use any illegal substances.

To me, this song represents a concept that I, and a lot of other people, have thought about before. Leaving life behind, taking a break from whatever pressures and troubles we have, forgetting all our obligations, and being free from any responsibility. For myself, it is not anything spiritual, but being able to retreat into myself, into my mind, and leave life behind for a while, is something I often wish I could do.

Source: Subliminal Slipknot -

Gen"tly (?), adv.

In a gentle manner.

My mistress gently chides the fault I made. Dryden.


© Webster 1913.

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