…and then your eyes meet mine and the noise of the TV goes away.

You reach out your hand and brush the hair back from my face, slowly, slowly.

I look at you. Unmoving.

Still within and without.

Your fingertips trace the curve of my cheek… the inner edge of my ear… the side of my neck…

Your hand changes direction and brushes across my collarbone to my throat… my chin.

You tilt my head up to you and kiss my mouth gently, gently. Lips barely grazing.

“I love you,” you say and my whole body hears each word.

Your mouth returns to mine, gently, softly; lips slipping across one another as my hand steals up to touch your chest and run across your shoulder, down your arm… You are smooth… soft

I’m lost in you.

You lean up on your elbow, half above me now and kiss my forehead … my eyelids… my cheek…

Slowly. Hardly moving.

Your mouth leaves a trail of deep, warm delight on my skin.

Your mouth travels down the side of my neck and I…


like a violin string, like a crystal glass

Your strong, soft hand strokes so slowly down my arm…  Your fingers circle my wrist for a moment and then move on, tracing lightly across the backs of my hand… my fingers.

You lift my hand to your face, turn it over, and gently place a kiss in my palm. Your lips and cheek graze softly, mothlike, over my inner wrist and oh…

I’m so lost in you.

Your face nuzzles into the softness of my flank… your hair glows softly in the flickering light and I touch… I touch...

Silkiness flows under my fingers, each strand like a live thing.

Your mouth moves like a sleeping baby’s against flesh; lipping, nuzzling, questing… Your tonguetip traces curves and lines across my side.

You flow up and over me, like a wave of light, covering my body in slow fire with your almost-there kisses. Breasts. Belly. Hips. Thighs…

Lost. I’m lost.

You kiss me there, like a butterfly.

One. Two. Three. Fluttering lips brushes.

One soft, slow lick and a final kiss.

Then you’re swarming up my body to claim my mouth and your arms are around me and I’m arching to you and reaching and oh yes…

I’m so lost in you.

Won’t you please come find me?

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