"Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat." is Slipknot's self released album, made in 1997. It features quite a lot of different music styles combined to heavy metal, there's even some jazz in Do Nothing/Bitchslap. MFKR gives a good impression of the playing technique and sense of music styles the band members have, and thus it most likely played a big part in Slipknot getting a record deal from Roadrunner. Only 2000 copies were made and most of them handed out in concerts or given for promotional use. The vocals are sung by Anders Colsefini, who left after the release of MFKR.


1. Slipknot
2. Gently
3. Do Nothing/Bitchslap
4. Only One
5. Tattered & Torn
6. Confessions
7. Some Feel
8. Killers Are Quiet
9. Dog Fish Rising (hidden)

Trivial information:

  • "Only One" and "Tattered & Torn" appear as re-makes on Slipknot's self-titled debut.
  • The barcode of MFKR-cd, 742617000027, is the first track on the self-titled album.
  • As much as £150 have been paid for an original copy of MFKR.
  • The lyrics on the first track apparently indicate to the "World of Darkness" role playing games: "Pentex sucks! Pentex sucks!" and "You can't see me, for I hide within the Umbra."
  • The guy on the cover is the band's drummer, Joey Jordison.
  • The band invested $16,000 in the making of MFKR.(hearsay!)

"Pentex is bleeding but night is falling" --Slipknot/MFKR/Track 1

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