Quake done quick is an utterly jaw-dropping demo showcasing a 19:49 run all the way through Quake on Nightmare mode. It was made by the Quake done Quick (QDQ) team, a group of speed-runners dedicated to finishing Quake in the fastest time possible, researching, mapping and employing a wide variety of mad skillz.

from the Quake done Quick team

QdQ's founding was sparked when Yonatan Donner made the first QdQ-style run through episode 1 in a time of 4:44. After that, the team of Anthony Bailey, Matthias Belz, Yonatan Donner, and Nolan Pflug set out to create such a run through the whole game. Quake done Quick (QdQ) was released on 10th June 1997 in a time of 19:49.

This first run created a fair bit of publicity, and consequently a larger team of runners gathered to improve upon this first attempt. Only a few months later, on 13th September 1997, Quake done Quicker (QdQr) was completed in a time of 16:35.

After that, the QdQ crew turned to other projects, but from time to time new tricks were discovered, and completely new running techniques like bunny-hopping came to fruition. Thus it came that QdQr slowly but steadily ceased to represent the state-of-the-art. In May 1999 Ingmar Poerner assembled a team to produce a completely new run, and so work on Quake done Quick with a Vengeance (QdQwav) was begun.

QdQwav took a lot longer to make than the previous demos; the tricks were very much harder, and other commitments caused further delays to the project. It is on the 13th September 2000, on the third anniversary of its predecessor, Quake done Quicker, that we finally, and proudly, release the new run. QdQwav finishes Quake in only 12:23, that is, more than 25% faster than QdQr.

Here is a breakdown of the individual maps, the runners, the time and the time saved from Quake done Quicker.
Level                   Map   Running    Time  Saved
Introduction            START                       
The Slipgate Complex    E1M1  Ilkka      0:26   0:04
Castle Of The Damned    E1M2  Sergi      0:33   0:05
The Necropolis          E1M3  Markus     0:24   0:11
The Grisly Grotto       E1M4  Markus     0:13   0:07
Gloom Keep              E1M5  Sergi      0:14   0:02
The Door To Chthon      E1M6  Markus     0:09   0:02
The House Of Chthon     E1M7  Markus     0:20   0:07
 Episode 1 - Dimension Of The Doomed     2:19   0:38
Introduction            START                       
The Installation        E2M1  Attila     0:07   0:03
The Ogre Citadel        E2M2  Peter      0:38   0:13
The Crypt Of Decay      E2M3  Alex       0:18   0:09
The Ebon Fortress       E2M4  Markus     0:51   0:04
The Wizard's Manse      E2M5  Markus     0:38   0:11
The Dismal Oubliette    E2M6  Ingmar     1:19   0:03
 Episode 2 - The Realm Of Black Magic    3:51   0:43
Introduction            START                       
Termination Central     E3M1  Markus     0:25   0:21
The Vaults Of Zin       E3M2  Attila     0:20   0:33
The Tomb Of Terror      E3M3  Peter      0:24   0:06
Satan's Dark Delight    E3M4  Peter      0:26   0:21
The Wind Tunnels        E3M5  Peter      0:37   0:09
The Chambers Of Torment E3M6  Markus     0:27   0:04
 Episode 3 - The Netherworld             2:39   1:34
Introduction            START                       
The Sewage System       E4M1  Markus     0:18   0:16
The Tower Of Despair    E4M2  Markus     0:31   0:15
The Elder God Shrine    E4M3  Markus     0:40   0:15
The Palace Of Hate      E4M4  Markus     0:22   0:05
Hell's Atrium           E4M5  Markus     0:08   0:04
The Pain Maze           E4M6  Markus     0:22   0:02
Azure Agony             E4M7  Markus     0:40   0:19
 Episode 4 - The Elder World             3:01   1:16
Introduction            START                       
Shub-Niggurath's Pit    END   Attila     0:33   0:01
 Quake done Quick with a Vengeance      12:23   4:12
Although each level is attributed to a specific runner, each individual run was the product of group thought and discussion, sharing ideas and building off tricks others invented.

The tricks used by runners to shave seconds off of already ridiculous times includes

The team also has a variety of others runs, including
  • Quake2 done Quick2, a 21:06 run through Quake2
  • Doom done Quicker, a 16:05 run through Doom
  • Doom2 done Quick, a 21:16 run through Doom2
Their best demo is Scourge done Slick, an 11:02 run through the Quake Mission pack, Scourge of Armagon. I’ve never seen this demo, but it’s gotten the best reviews out of all of their demos.

QdQwav, however, is required viewing for anyone who’s ever loved Quake.

The credits that come with QdQwav include:

Markus Taipale
Peter Horvath
Attila Csernyik
Sergi Cami
Aleksander Osipov
Ingmar Poerner
Ilkka Kurkela


Anthony Bailey
Stefan Schwoon
Ingmar Poerner
Nolan Pflug

Project Co-ordinator:

Ingmar Poerner


Ingmar Poerner
Stefan Schwoon

Additional Input:

Will Marsh
Justin Fleck
Janne Kalliomäki
Kimmo Polvivaara
Jonathan Curtis
Simon Broadhead
Gerald Tan

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